Last Meeting Next Week + Working During Winter Break

Hey everyone. We hope you enjoyed this meeting. Next week will be the last meeting of the semester, in order to let everyone focus on exams and other obligations, but that doesn’t mean the club won’t be active at all. We’re still working on the website, trying to create challenges so you can remain engaged and learn over winter break if you want. We recommend participating in this if you want to do CCDC next semester, as we are still looking to fill the team up and this would be a great way to prepare yourself. I will be posting an Google Sheets with a list of topics, and you can pick whatever topics you want (or add any you think are missing). We will also be attaching Jovanni notes from CNY Hackathon, and will save it on the Practice Cybersecurity page to prep for next CNY Hackathon. Finally, if you want one more challenge for the semester, register for the HTB competition, you can contact Anthony Mazzacane for more details. See you all next week!

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Hack The Box CTF Competition






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