Announcements for 10/18

Hello everyone!

Next week we are going to prep for CNY hackathon (this competition is beginner friendly), practice in the NCL gym, and go through some challenges from picoCTF. CNY hackathon  will be on Saturday, November 6th this year. If you have any questions, contact us at or bring your questions to Tuesday’s meeting.



Meetup Recap 10/12/2021

This week we went over file permissions (for owner, group, and others) and user management in Kali Linux. For file permissions, we went over how to use “chmod” to change file read/write/execute permissions, “chown” to change the owner of the file, and “chgrp” to change the group who can access the file. We also discussed how to create new users and give them passwords, create new groups, and change group access permissions.


As a reminder, the NCL preseason started on Monday! If you are participating in NCL continue to work on it throughout the week and remember to make a debrief of one of the challenges.

Next week we are going to prep for CNY hackathon (this competition is beginner friendly), practice in the NCL gym, and go through some challenges from picoCTF.


For those who want more practice in Linux, here is the challenge given at the meeting:

Create a VM where there are three main groups​




Create a directory that only sales can read and write​
Create a directory that only marketing can read and write​
Create a directory that only admins can read and write

Announcement for 10/04/2021 – 10/08/2021

Hello Info Sec Members!

This week, we will have CNY Hackathon as a guest speaker. CNY Hackathon is a regional intercollegiate cybersecurity competition focused on penetration testing and defense. You can learn more at if you are interested. For the meetup on October 5th, Jake from CNY Hackathony will be talking about CNY Hacakthon and its benefits. We will be going over log analysis and solving challenges within NCL in preparation of CNY Hackathon and other competitions. Remember, if you have not done so already, redeem your NCL voucher!  NCL is a great way to practice and improve your skills, and the individual game is October 22 – 24. Use it or lose it.

E-Board Elections, CNY Hackathon, And Meeting Next Week Cancelled

Hey everyone!

We hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s meeting.

  • It had crossed our minds that next Tuesday is one of SU’s wellness days due to the lack of a spring break, and all classes will be cancelled. In the spirit of promoting health and wellbeing, we won’t be holding a meeting next Tuesday. Take the time to relax and unwind (or do CTFs for the day, whatever works for you).
  • Also, don’t forget to start preparing for CNY Hackathon, here is last nights research guide presentation, as well as the cyberdefense handbook from Buffalo. 
  • I also noticed in our last email I didn’t link to our  new YouTube channel, where you can watch past meetings. We will do our best to upload them by the end of Wednesday each week. Subscribe, and comment if you have any feedback or ideas for the club!
  • Finally, don’t forget to check out the e-board constitution if you are interested in applying for any of the board roles starting next week. Joining our board has many benefits, such as access to our server lab, such as being featured on our the website, which can be a great resume builder, getting first priority for competitions, being able to help drive the direction of the club, having room to experiment with new topics you’re interested in, and most of all, a great team learning experience. We know you all can contribute to the club, we just need you to take the initiative and apply. By the way, there’s a website administration role that I forgot to mention yesterday, so make sure you look at the updated constitution. See you all in 2 weeks!

Hack The Box (CTF/Penetration Testing Game)


If you have any questions, please let us know at Have a great week!

Last Meeting Next Week + Working During Winter Break

Hey everyone. We hope you enjoyed this meeting. Next week will be the last meeting of the semester, in order to let everyone focus on exams and other obligations, but that doesn’t mean the club won’t be active at all. We’re still working on the website, trying to create challenges so you can remain engaged and learn over winter break if you want. We recommend participating in this if you want to do CCDC next semester, as we are still looking to fill the team up and this would be a great way to prepare yourself. I will be posting an Google Sheets with a list of topics, and you can pick whatever topics you want (or add any you think are missing). We will also be attaching Jovanni notes from CNY Hackathon, and will save it on the Practice Cybersecurity page to prep for next CNY Hackathon. Finally, if you want one more challenge for the semester, register for the HTB competition, you can contact Anthony Mazzacane for more details. See you all next week!

Meeting Recording

Hack The Box CTF Competition






CNY Hackathon + Apply for Jobs

Hey everyone. We hope you found the last meeting useful, and already have your resumes ready to apply for some jobs. Make sure you apply for them ASAP for the best chance possible. Also, for those participating in CNY Hackathon, good luck! If you’re registered, you should be getting an email by tomorrow about the exact details of the infrastructure. There will be some resources posted below for you to prepare for the competition. There are also the challenges in the meeting presentation you can use to test your skills, but you can do your own research as well! Finally, if you are interested in the Hack the Box CTF competition or NCL Team Game, you can let Anthony know in the GroupMe, as he has been organizing the teams for those competitions. Have a great week!

Meeting Presentation

Meeting Recording

Hardening Apache Web Server

RSM Security & Privacy Risk Associate, Philly 

RSM Security & Privacy Risk Intern Technical, Houston

RSM Security & Privacy Risk Intern Cyber Governance, Houston

IBM Entry-Level Security Services Consultant

IBM Security Services Intern

Hack The Box CTF Competition




CNY Hackathon and IBM Opportunities

Hey guys. We hope you all enjoyed the last meeting, and have been messing around with Metasploitable. It’s a great way to learn about exploiting vulnerabilities. And don’t forget to register for CNY Hackathon, and fill out the headcount form when you do so Jake can more efficiently match you all with good team members. I also forgot to mention this during the club meeting, but Anthony brought to my attention an intercollegiate Capture The Flag-style competition being hosted by Hack the Box. If you don’t remember, that’s the online platform with various challenges to solve and VMs to break into in order to improve your skills. The qualifier CTF is on Friday, November 20th, so you can practice for a couple weeks after CNY Hackathon, if you choose to. More details can be found on the website. Now, if you haven’t already gotten your resume in order, you’d better do so soon, as next week, Kameron Scott, an InfoSec Club alumni, will be coming to talk about internships and full time positions with IBM’s Security Services department. This can be a great opportunity to get your foot in the door of a top company, so make sure you come with questions for Kameron! Can’t wait to see you all next week.

Meeting Presentation

Meeting Recording

CNY Hackathon Registration

CNY Hackathon Headcount

Hack The Box CTF Competition

IBM Internship Description

IBM Fulltime Description