We’re glad to see you’re interested in learning cybersecurity! Here we will provide you with online resources to give you some practical experience with your technical skills.

Command Line

Capture the Flag

Web Security

Network Security

Paid Resources

Competition (Red or Blue) Resources

  • CyberLab ResourcesCyberLab Playlist by Mohawk Valley Community College
  • University at Buffalo’s Network Defense Playbook – This playbook can be very useful when preparing for network defense (red team vs blue team) competitions. It contains information on general policies during competitions, as well as basic hardening for both Windows and Linux. Most importantly, it has guides on common services such as Active Directory, HTTP (Web),  and DNS. Using this document to practice how to configure and harden these services will reduce the amount of obstacles you’ll face in competitions.
  • Cyber Security Games by NCAE


If you have any recommendations for more resources, please let us know.