This week we went over file permissions (for owner, group, and others) and user management in Kali Linux. For file permissions, we went over how to use “chmod” to change file read/write/execute permissions, “chown” to change the owner of the file, and “chgrp” to change the group who can access the file. We also discussed how to create new users and give them passwords, create new groups, and change group access permissions.


As a reminder, the NCL preseason started on Monday! If you are participating in NCL continue to work on it throughout the week and remember to make a debrief of one of the challenges.

Next week we are going to prep for CNY hackathon (this competition is beginner friendly), practice in the NCL gym, and go through some challenges from picoCTF.


For those who want more practice in Linux, here is the challenge given at the meeting:

Create a VM where there are three main groups​




Create a directory that only sales can read and write​
Create a directory that only marketing can read and write​
Create a directory that only admins can read and write