Encryption Challenge + NCL Raffle

Hey everyone!

We hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s meeting, and have managed to play around a little bit with the different CTFs we displayed last night. We will be posting the group channels for people interested in doing them in the GroupMe chat, so make sure you’re in that. Here are the encryption challenges, and they are also up on the website, on the Practice Cybersecurity page. Also, don’t forget, if you want to have a chance at free National Cyber League (NCL) CTF tickets, send a short paragraph to isc@syr.edu about why you want to participate in NCL, and how you’re interested in contributing to the club. The NCL registration deadline is this Friday, so in order to qualify for the tickets, you must send in the paragraph by midnight tonight. Finally, for those you’re interested in participating in the CyberSEED CTF, fill out the interest form below. The CyberSEED CTF is significantly more difficult than NCL, but if you’re interested in that $3000 grand prize, it’s worth it if you have the experience. There is also an interest form for those who want to attend B-Sides Rochester. Just make sure you also register for your free tickets ASAP as well. 

B-Sides Rochester Interest Form

CyberSEED Interest Form

Solutions to Last Weeks Challenge

If you have any questions, please let us know at isc@syr.edu. Have a great week!