CNY Hackathon + Apply for Jobs

Hey everyone. We hope you found the last meeting useful, and already have your resumes ready to apply for some jobs. Make sure you apply for them ASAP for the best chance possible. Also, for those participating in CNY Hackathon, good luck! If you’re registered, you should be getting an email by tomorrow about the exact details of the infrastructure. There will be some resources posted below for you to prepare for the competition. There are also the challenges in the meeting presentation you can use to test your skills, but you can do your own research as well! Finally, if you are interested in the Hack the Box CTF competition or NCL Team Game, you can let Anthony know in the GroupMe, as he has been organizing the teams for those competitions. Have a great week!

Meeting Presentation

Meeting Recording

Hardening Apache Web Server

RSM Security & Privacy Risk Associate, Philly 

RSM Security & Privacy Risk Intern Technical, Houston

RSM Security & Privacy Risk Intern Cyber Governance, Houston

IBM Entry-Level Security Services Consultant

IBM Security Services Intern

Hack The Box CTF Competition