CNY Hackathon and IBM Opportunities

Hey guys. We hope you all enjoyed the last meeting, and have been messing around with Metasploitable. It’s a great way to learn about exploiting vulnerabilities. And don’t forget to register for CNY Hackathon, and fill out the headcount form when you do so Jake can more efficiently match you all with good team members. I also forgot to mention this during the club meeting, but Anthony brought to my attention an intercollegiate Capture The Flag-style competition being hosted by Hack the Box. If you don’t remember, that’s the online platform with various challenges to solve and VMs to break into in order to improve your skills. The qualifier CTF is on Friday, November 20th, so you can practice for a couple weeks after CNY Hackathon, if you choose to. More details can be found on the website. Now, if you haven’t already gotten your resume in order, you’d better do so soon, as next week, Kameron Scott, an InfoSec Club alumni, will be coming to talk about internships and full time positions with IBM’s Security Services department. This can be a great opportunity to get your foot in the door of a top company, so make sure you come with questions for Kameron! Can’t wait to see you all next week.

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