NCL This Weekend + GE Contact Info

We hope you all enjoyed the last meeting, and take Kyle and Drew’s advice. Their variety of experiences at SU and GE make them a great target to ask about breaking into the industry. I will put their LinkedIn accounts below. And good luck to those participating in the NCL Individual Game. And again, don’t forget to register for CNY Hackathon! Jake, one of the event coordinators from Mohawk Valley Community College, will be coming next week to tell us more about the event. They would really like to see SU’s involvement this year in the event, so make sure you’re here to hear about it. I will also put a link to the recording of the club Zoom session. You have to sign in to your SU Zoom account to view them. Here are instructions on how to do it. There will soon be a separate page on our website to archive the recordings, so you will be able to go back and watch all of them. For now, here’s this week’s meeting.

Meeting Presentation 

Meeting Recording

CNY Hackathon Registration

Kyle’s LinkedIn

Drew’s LinkedIn


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