NCL Preseason, Hacker Halted, and CNY Hackathon!

We hope you guys enjoyed the last meeting! No one has emailed us yet about reaching level 11 of the Bandit CTF, so the Raspberry Pi is still up for grabs! And when you complete the Bandit CTF, check out the other wargames on the website, they can really help with understanding security in Linux. And don’t forget about the NCL Preseason, it’s starting next Monday. If you’re participating in the Individual Game, this is necessary to take part in. Participation in the Preseason is required to be a ranked player, making you eligible to win prizes, obtain a Scouting Report, and represent your school in the Cyber Power Rankings. So don’t miss out!

As a reminder, if you don’t want to miss one of the most interactive cybersecurity conferences around, then you don’t want to miss Hacker Halted. It runs from Monday, October 19th – Friday, October 23, so there will be ample opportunity to see what’s going on. They’re releasing more of the agenda as the date comes up, and there’s already cool activities like the Secure Code Warrior CTF. and the Hacker Jeopardy game where you can win a $450 gift card! Going to the conference also supports the club when those who go share the knowledge they learn there with the rest of the club, so let’s help our fellow members. Best of all, it’s free!

And finally, just when you thought we ran out of competitions, another one gets announced. The InfoSec Club has been attending CNY Hackathon for years now, as it is THE competition to go to for first timers. Not only is there a red team vs blue team aspect in which you have to keep your servers up, there are also trivia CTF and many other challenges to do for those who aren’t familiar with server technologies such as SSH, FTP, HTTP, etc. You sign up individually and will get put into a team based on skill level (you’ll likely be working with all non-SU students), so there is guaranteed to be a few people on your team who know what they’re doing. We know that these competitions can seem intimidating, but they really are the best way to get practical experience in cybersecurity, and the best way to know if this is for you. Even if you’re doing NCL and Hivestorm, you’re going to want to sign up for this. CNY Hackthon registration opens next Monday, October 12th, it’s not open to register yet. But make sure to register ASAP on Monday, as the limit is 100 participants, and for the last CNY Hackathons we have registered too late. We don’t want that to happen again, so register on Monday!!

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See you all next week! If you have any questions, please let us know at

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