Patient FAQs

SUA is in service 24/7 during the academic school year. During the scheduled breaks to the academic year, SUA hours of operation will vary due to limited staffing.

SUA can provide Basic Life Support (BLS) . BLS agencies can treat victims of life-threatening illnesses or injuries until they can be given full medical care at a hospital. It can be provided by trained medical personnel, such as emergency medical technicians.

When calling SUA in the case of a medical emergency,  please try to have the following information ready. The address of the emergency, the phone number you are calling from, tell us exactly what happened, and listen to the dispatchers instructions until SUA arrives.

SUA is a free volunteer student run ambulance, you will not be billed for patient care done by SUA. If you receive a bill, this was because you were either treated or transport by another ambulance agency (namely AMR the local advanced life support agency).

SUA will respond to all on-campus emergencies as well as emergencies in the surrounding area.  This include main campus, South campus,  East Fayette to Drumlins, Wescott to Henry St., Thornden park and the entire ESF campus. Additionally, we may respond to areas outside of those listed above for students.

There are several local area hospitals that Syracuse University Ambulance will transport patients to. The hospitals include Crouse, St. Josephs,  Upstate University including the Pediatric Hospital, Veteran Affairs, and Community General. Patients can request any of the aforementioned hospitals to be transported to, in the case of urgent emergencies patients will be transported to the nearest capable hospital.

In the event of an emergency, please contact either 911 or 315-443-4299. When contacting the the SUA direct line, you will be directed straight to the SUA dispatching center. When you call 911, if you are a student or faculty in the Syracuse University campus or surrounding area, SUA will be notified of the emergency and will be dispatched accordingly.

SUA can transport students to the Health center located at the Barnes Center upon request for medical emergencies that the Health center can accommodate during business hours.

In any case or situation where an individual is facing a medical emergency, an ambulance should be called via 911 or our direct line 315-443-4299.