Past Events

See some of our most recent events for the 2023-2024 school year:

General Body Meeting #2

This past Monday, February 26th, SHPE collaborated with JADAK during our second general body meeting of the semester. JADAK is a company that innovates on products OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in the medical field look to produce as technology advances. JADAK is currently looking to employ engineers in the Syracuse area and beyond who are passionate about providing solutions to mechanical systems that change the lives of millions. If you would like to learn more about the company, feel free to visit their website at

All those who attended benefited greatly from a formal introduction to the company by representatives Eva Gravius, Charlene Bozzi, and Pablo Subiabre, the VP of operations, Sr. Director of HR, and Continuous Improvement Specialist, respectively. Thank you so much JADAK for the wonderful presentation and more! We look forward to collaborating with you further in the future!



Watch Party SU vs. NC State

Watch Party SU vs. NC State

Last week on 2/20 SHPE SU’s general body, e-board, and members of the ECS office alike shared time with one another to cheer on our basketball team during their away game at North Carolina State University. It came down to the final minutes of the game before Syracuse took the lead and won 87-83 (take that Wolfpack!).

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend! We look forward to doing more of these activities so that we can continue to be more connected with our general body and share our love for our sports teams.

Stay posted for more news from our organization, and GO ORANGE!



SHPE Jr. Launch Spring ’24

Hola Familia!

Recently we restarted our SHPE Jr. program for the Spring ’24 semester! At La Casita Cultural Center in downtown Syracuse, the leader of the SHPE Jr. program Fabio Candelario, and other volunteers making up our SHPE’s E-board and general body, introduce children at the center to S.T.E.M.-related fields through fun-filled activities. Our first session consisted of creating catapults of wooden sticks, rubber bands, and small adhesives, with the goal of seeing who’s catapult could launch cotton balls the furthest!

After testing the first catapult prototypes, we wanted the kids to ask themselves: what else can I do to make the cotton balls launch EVEN FURTHER?”. These are the kinds of questions engineers ask themselves on a daily basis for, of course, more particular problems to achieve project-specific goals. Although we cannot certify the children as certified, professional engineers (YET), the momentum caused by intriguing the kids with these sorts of questions can prove priceless if they apply this mindset in their future careers.

If you are a student at SU, and would like to volunteer at La Casita, please fill out the form in the link below. The positive difference you can make is also a great opportunity to rack up volunteer hours and add to your resume!

SHPE Jr. Form: 



Spring ’24 First General Body Meeting

This past Monday, SHPE hosted its first General Body Meeting of the semester! With tasty empanadas in hand, we gave our attention to our co-presidents Karen Herrera and Julia Ruiz on important dates and opportunities for future involvement from our general body. Some key announcements include preparations for our upcoming Brillante Banquet and reminders to new attendees on the benefits that come with being a SHPE national member, of which YOU can benefit as well! For more info, go to

A big thank you to our advisor Mario Montesdeoca, our SHPE advisor, for promoting our wonderful organization to the many new faces at our first GBM of 2024!

Stay posted for more information about our chapter here, and we wish everyone a great new start to the year!


Third/ Final General Body Meeting

Last week SHPE held its last General Body Meeting of the semester. Those who attended enjoyed both empanadas as well as an opportunity to speak with a couple of representatives from Micron. Their presentation included who they are as a company, career opportunities, and more. Following this, we hosted a snow globe-making workshop to destress from upcoming finals, as well as to remind us of the upcoming Christmas break!

Thank you to Micron for taking the time to speak with our community of rising engineers and computer science majors!


2023 SHPE- NSBE- SWE Thanksgiving Potluck

Before the Thanksgiving break SHPE, in partnership with the National Society of Black Engineers and the Society of Women Engineers, hosted a Thanksgiving Potluck with the general body of all the respective societies. Music was played, smiles were everywhere, and homemade dishes were enjoyed by everyone in attendance!

We want to give a special shoutout to Mario Montesdeoca, Karen Davis, Sheneé Pecora Bletson, and the rest of the Office of ECS for making this entire event possible!



2023 SHPE National Convention

Between Nov. 1st and 5th, we attended SHPE’s 2023 National Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. With over 300+ exhibitors and 200+ speakers, there were more than enough events for every SHPE  chapter to attend and learn from. Our “Road to Convention 2023” events we held during the week prior fully prepared us to connect with the companies we spoke to, as well as with the other SHPE organizations representing their respective universities. Outside the convention center, we made sure to check out what the city had to offer, and create memories with our own SHPE familia.

We want to thank the ECS Office of Inclusive Excellence, ECS Career Services, and SOURCE for their hard work that made this trip possible!


Road to Convention 2023

SU’s SHPE chapter, in partnership with SU’s NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) chapter, began preparing for the upcoming SHPE national convention the week of the 23rd of October. During this week, we dedicated every day to improving aspects of our professional profile, and bonding with the SHPE and NSBE familia simultaneously! Activities included a day of resume remodeling, a mock interview and elevator pitch workshop, and more.

Thank you to NSBE for partnering with us to make sure we are as convention-ready as we can be!


Day in the Life Event #1

A couple of weeks ago, both Burns and McDonnell’s Amira Mouline-Castillejos and Arcadis’ Ana Cristina Baez Gotay hosted our Day in the Life event. Those who attended had the opportunity to ask our two SU, and SHPE alumni questions on their personal career development as well as their college experience.

A big thank you to Amira and Ana for taking the time to give valuable insight into their day-to-day schedule and what it means to be an engineer after graduation!



Second General Body Meeting

SHPE SU recently conducted their second general body meeting on 10/ 18, where we welcomed our new Freshman Representative: Steven Perez, discussed the ways in which those interested in attending future national conventions may do so, and programs our chapter hosts. As a concluding activity, the familia SHPE made slime to bring in the Halloween spirit!

Congratulations to Steven, and thank you to all those who attended!  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Information Session with Carrier 

SU SHPE was recently hosted by Carrier Global during their visit to SU for a valuable information session. Questions on employment resources, career paths, and professional development were all discussed to the benefit of those who attended.

A big thank you to Alan Ugalde, Jessica M. Maita, and Alexis Duke for being incredible hosts!

Thank you to all those who were able to attend!

Welcome Back General Body Meeting

SU SHPE hosted its first general body meeting of the semester on 9/14, welcoming both returning and new members. We introduced our new team and made announcements on MentorSHPE, National Convention, SHPE Jr., SHPEtinas and more!