About Us

Founded in 1979, we are the only baseball team at Syracuse University. As a competitive, player-run team in the NCBA’s Division 2 New England West Division, we play 25-35 league games & compete in 3-4 additional weekend tournaments against premier New York & New England competition. We practice 2-3 days per week at Hooksway field outside & inside at Manley Field House.

All SU & ESF undergraduate & graduate students are eligible to play: we hold annual tryouts in early September. Each year, 60-80 players try out for 5-10 roster openings.

In 2019 & 2021, we were CCBA NY Western Division Champions & finished second place in the CCBA. From 2011 to Spring 2019, we played in the NCBA’s Division 1 North Atlantic – West Region Conference before transitioning to CCBA in Fall 2019.