Student Organization Web Hosting

ESE Technical Services provides technical support and assistance to undergraduate student organizations recognized by the Office of Student Activities, recognized Greek organizations and sports clubs recognized by Recreation Services. Hosting websites is just one of the services we provide to organizations (please refer to The Office of Student Activities Student Organizations page for additional services).

We recognize that not every organization has someone with web design skills. Consequently, the Office of Student Activities and ESE Technical Services have collaborated on presenting options for organization’s web needs.

Option 1 - WordPress
ESE Technical Services provides recognized organizations and clubs with access to a convenient method of creating websites using WordPress. WordPress is an easy to use content management/blogging tool that can be enhanced through the use of plugins and themes. Our implementation allows us to maintain blogs and websites for multiple organizations and clubs with a single installation of WordPress while still providing those organizations the ability to customize their individual site. To request a hosted site in the WordPress environment, please contact ESE Technical Services at
Option 2 - Traditional Web Hosting

Under special circumstances, ESE Technical Services will provide server space for a traditional, coded website for a student organization. This option requires someone in the student organization who has significant experience in web design/development. However, we highly recommend that student organizations chose WordPress rather than this option. As membership in organizations change, the expertise to maintain this type if site may no longer be available and maintenance/updating of the site will become more difficult. If you believe your needs require this level of service, please contact Technical Services at Please Note: This web hosting option does not allow for the installation of web applications on an organization’s hosting space. Maintaining and securing that type of website is outside the scope of our service.