InfoSec Challenges

We’re glad to see you’re interested in learning cybersecurity! Here we will provide you with the past challenges we have done in the club so you can catch up and break the ice with cybersecurity.

Hashing Challenges


Steganography/Metadata Challenges

There are challenges of varying difficulty in this zip file, so you’ll be able to test your level of resourcefulness. Steganography is the art of hiding a message within another message (commonly hidden in a photo, but there are other ways to hide messages), and metadata is information about files or other data, such as how big a file is, or how many columns a SQL database table will have. Knowing how to extract metadata is critical for any kind of technical analysis, so make sure you know all about it.

Hashes to Solve

Use hashcat to break these hashes. The decoded plaintext starts with “FLAG-HQNT-” followed by 4 digits. (Hint: Use the mask function in hashcat).






Packet Capture File

There is a secret code in here, can you find it? Try following the streams. (The code will be in the format picoCTF{secretcode}).