Pride and Poddin’

10 Queer Podcasts You Need to Hear
by Montiniquë McEachern

Podcasting – the internet’s answer to radio –  began in the early 2000’s. The audio form used to be dominated by cisgender hetero white men; however, in the past few years, it has quickly become the premier platform for folks with marginalized identities to broadcast their perspectives. Queer folks have led this new wave with podcasts streaming on all major listening platforms (iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify). It’s easy to get swallowed up in the sea of podcasts, so here are ten of my suggestions for Queer podcasts to press play on.


1. #SafeWordSociety
#SafeWordSociety is a weekly podcast out of New York City that discusses living, loving & thriving as a #QTPOC. The hosts, Kristen and Lamika, are vegans and creators who use interviews and discussions with everyday people to navigate the complexity of identity. Their mission is to start conversations on self-definition while uplifting the stories of those that aren’t often heard.
Available on: iTunes, SoundCloud

2. Tea with Queen and J
Queen and J are two Womanist race nerds talking shit over tea. Their conversations equal dismantling patriarchy excellence! Queen is a queer Muslim Bronx native with her own magazine (Mx.Vixen). J hails from the Bronx as well and loves all things #Blerd and Black Joy. This weekly podcast is a must play for any queer with a hetero homie who is just as invested in liberation as they are.
Available on: iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitchr


3. Inner Hoe Uprising
Inner Hoe Uprising is a funny, smart, and sexy weekly podcast about sex, love, and dating from the perspective of 4 feminist twenty-somethings from New York. Sam, the weekly host, is a polyamorous podcaster who is joined by a hoe-tation of co-hosts: Rob, an agender pansexual with a phatty; Akua, a hetero monogamous hoe; and Rebecca, a sex-positive sapiosexual. This podcast has the best queer inclusive sex and dating conversations out there!
Available: iTunes, SoundCloud, GooglePlay, Spotify, Stitchr


4. Hoodrat to Headwrap
H2H is a weekly decolonized podcast for lovers on the margins. Community organizer Ebony Donnley and his partner sexuality educator Ericka Hart talk dismantling white supremacy, being misgendered, and books every queer must read. This podcast is a little heavy on the social justice jargon, but the warmth of the couple’s queer and trans love will keep you tuned in.
Available on: SoundCloud


5. TransWaves
TransWaves is a monthly interview-style podcast created by the Trans Youth Equality Foundation. The varied hosts are all trans and gender non-conforming youth.  The hosts interview other trans youth, allies, activists, families, lawyers, doctors, and more to bring the voices of the trans youth experience to a wider audience.
Available on: iTunes, SoundCloud


6. By the Bi
By the Bi is the weekly podcast for anyone interested in learning more about bisexuality, pansexuality, and everything else your monosexual friends refuse to talk about. Mr. and Mrs. Atom are a bisexual couple living in Sydney, Australia who not only host this podcast, but also write bisexual erotica together!
Available on: Libsyn


7. How to Be a Girl
How to Be a Girl is an almost weekly (life happens with a six-year-old as a cohost!) podcast about one mother’s experience raising her transgender daughter. The two of them break down gender in adorable ways and attempt to sort out just what it means to be a girl. Their intimate conversations raise questions about gender for allies, folks who are new to queerness, and those of us who think we know all there is to know about gender.
Available on: iTunes


8. Strange Fruit
Strange Fruit is a weekly podcast on politics, pop culture and black gay life in the South. But this is no pity fest. They live life, and make sure listeners know that no matter how hard things get, they live it well! Doc (Dr. Kaila Story), a professor at a Southern university, and Jaison, a community organizer and radio host, have candid discussions on intersectionality, dating in the South, and community activism.
Available on: iTunes, SoundCloud, 89.3 WFPL


9. Do Not Disturb with Jade
If Jade’s voice sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve probably seen one of her videos. Jade, or FoxyHotMess, has one of the most popular lesbian channels on YouTube good reason. Her hilarious storytelling and aspirations of being an “unfriendly Black hottie” will have you bingeing this weekly podcast. Jade also takes voicemails from listeners, making this podcast uniquely interactive.
vailable on: iTunes, SoundCloud, Revry


10. QueerWOC: The Podcast
#QueerWOC is a biweekly podcast hosted by Money and Nikeeta, two Black Queer Troublemakers who have dating woes that will make you laugh out loud. Nikeeta is a community-building curmudgeon and Money is a ratchet academic. Each episode, the two best friends cultivate a healing space for queer women and femmes of color through celebrating a QueerWOC of the week, giving mental health advice from a queer therapist, and dragging “the straights” for filth when they need it.
Available on: Google Play, iTunes, SoundCloud